Phillip Thomas, Pastor

My name is Phillip Thomas and my wife is named Molly.  We are both blessed to have grown up in strong Christian homes.  I grew up in First Methodist Church of Sterling City, TX and Molly grew up going to Southwest Park Baptist Church and Wylie Baptist Church in Abilene, TX.  Each of our parents instilled the reality of God’s love toward us from the beginning.  They modeled Christ’s love in the way they lived their lives and raised us in the Christian faith.  Molly and I both remained active in our youth groups and continued going to church throughout our college years.  I also served as a part time youth pastor at my home church during college.
After college I started to work in Lubbock, TX where I began a relationship with a long time friend.  Soon this friend became my wife.  We now have three beautiful girls together, Kaylee, Reese and Becca.  Molly has been the most influential human relationship in my life.  I think she saw God’s call in my life before I did.  When the opportunity to get into full time ministry presented itself, she was my biggest encourager.  In order to make this step we would have to move and she would have to commute over an hour to school, but she was completely supportive.  We moved to San Angelo and began to minister at First Presbyterian Church.  For the next three years Molly helped me in my ministry and then encouraged me to begin seminary.  She supported our family while I started back to school.
While attending Logsdon Seminary at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, I began my pastoral ministry at Calvary Baptist Church in Cisco, Texas.  This church was a tremendous blessing to me and my family.  They allowed me to continue my education and understood the commitment my education would take.  They were very supportive of me and my family.  Molly and I were able to learn together about serving as pastor of a church.  As always, Molly was my biggest supporter and was integral to our ministry.  I believe God called both of us to minister together.
For the next five years I was at First Baptist Church in Sweetwater, TX.  There were challenges there, but we saw God work through those difficulties.  Through our ministry there, we were stretched beyond what we ever anticipated.  The ministry was challenging as we worked to overcome long-standing traditions and beliefs that added obstacles to people developing a personal relationship with Christ.  My relationship with Molly grew immeasurably during our time there and our relationship continues to grow stronger today.
Many events in our lives have impacted our spiritual journeys, but two specific challenges have changed our lives.  The first event was going through the death of Molly’s mother, Brenda.  Brenda was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before Molly and I got married.  She battled for another year or so and then passed away while still in her forties.  Through this process we saw how God worked even through difficult situations.  We both have a new understanding of life and death and the importance of living as Christ, while understanding that dying is gain.  The way Brenda allowed God to use her through her battle was inspiring.  The strength Molly demonstrated as she finished school, had our first child, and took care of her mother was nothing short of amazing.  We experienced the strength of God in ways I cannot explain.  I know that no matter what ministry challenge we will face, God will provide what we need.  He has done this in the past and I know he will in the future.
More recently, our family experienced the unexpected impact of Molly’s stroke.  In 2010, Molly had a cryptogenic stroke, which means there is no known cause.  Ultimately, Molly is doing great, but the road to recovery has been challenging.  We have become even more keenly aware of the fragility of life and the importance of relationships.  As we have worked through this stroke, both Molly and I have learned to rely even more completely on God.
God is continuing to help us grow in our ministry.  I know God has called us to impact his Kingdom and we hope to be able to follow his calling.  We look forward to what God is going to do through Journey Elgin.  We would love for you to be part of this ministry and join us on our journey as we seek to make an impact in God’s Kingdom.

The Thomas Family


Wesley Curry, Youth Minister

I grew up in West Texas and then moved 8 hours away from everything I knew. Through those hard times I was surrounded by strong Christian leaders who still inspire me today.

I have been in Elgin almost 10 years. My family and I found Journey Elgin in September 2014 when I was a high school sophomore. We had been searching for a church home in for a while, and from the first service at the Fleming Center, we felt right at home. I started attending youth group with the hope of one day being a leader. With our church being new and small, I was always the oldest youth member. Pastor Philip saw my desire to fill a leadership role and let me lead small groups and activities. In March 2017, the church and grown and we had a need in the children’s department. Philip and Molly encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and teach our elementary Sunday school class. I quickly realized that I had found my leadership place in the church. After prayerful consideration, I asked Phillip if I could permanently serve through our children’s ministry. Here I am still running around with students and toddlers helping them start their Journey with Christ. My Aunt Donna joins me each Sunday in this ministry. I love dogs; I have twoL Daisy and Riley. I love movies and football, and unfortunately, I’m a Dallas cowboys fan. I look forward to connecting with you at Journey Elgin.