Blog: Thoughts on Thankfulness-Everyone has a Story, November 16, 2019

Everyone Has a Story


Psalm 107:4-9


We all have a story to tell.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a pastor is getting to hear people’s stories.  Sometimes they are stories of heartbreak and suffering.  Other times the stories are of victory and redemption.  The more stories I hear, the more I realize how much humanity has in common.  Yes, all the stories are unique, but there are common threads running through all of our stories.  We have all experienced highs and lows, justice and injustice, fairness and unfairness, suffering and joy.  How these events and emotions manifest in each of our lives is unique, but we all experience them one way or the other. 

            No circumstance you may face is outside the reach of God’s presence.  At times you will feel like you are all alone and no one could have possibly had to endure what you are going through.  This is a real feeling, but an untrue reality.  God continually offers His presence to those going through the most difficult times of life.  Psalm 107 begins by giving thanks for the Lord’s goodness and His love enduring forever.  Then the psalmist begins to tell stories of redemption and hope.

            At what point in your life have you felt like you were walking in a desert wasteland.  Walking in circles with no purpose or direction, knowing that eventually you would not be able to walk any further.  You fear the desert will overwhelm you and suck you beneath the sand.  We live in a time where culture has defined our destination, but that destination is only a mirage.  Our culture says that our purpose, meaning and happiness will be found by following our heart’s desire.  We are encouraged to pursue wealth, popularity, and comfort.  These things in and of themselves are not bad, but when they define our meaning and purpose, they become devious and deceptive.  Even if we are able to achieve these things, we find they are only a mirage giving the image of happiness, but quickly fading into the horizon.

            God created us in His image, and He is the source of our meaning and purpose.  If we want to experience the destination of joy, peace, love, and fulfillment we must follow the path of the Creator.  There will be times in your life you are wandering in the desert in search of meaning and purpose.  Make sure you look to the God who loves you to find your way and not cultural expectations.  We can all be thankful for God’s presence in the desert. 

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